Update - June 2022 - RELEASE OF THE NEW ESOX V3 model

ESOX V3 - Build upon a Classic

The ESOX swimbait is what started it all for us when we designed it back in 2010 as the first big pike trolling swimbait ever made available by order. Now over a decade later it has made its mark among many avid fisherman around the world and is widely known as a big Pike catcher which makes us way proud! So now, after a year of design & develoment we are super excited to finally introduce the new V3 version.

The new version is a complete rebuild based upon the old model, keeping all the good stuff and adding some improvements that were long due. Improvements like: more action at low speeds (trolling speeds like 2.5 km/h), more durability for casting, faster action and easy replaceable soft silicone fins. Balanced as a slow sinker that will sink horizontally.

To celebrate this new model even more we went a bit beserk and also added a Special whopping 52 cm version - The Goliath. The Goliath weighs a 1000 grams and is destined to catch the Monster of the Lake. We cant wait! Goliath also has a Release Tube build in to enable the use of a release rig & save the pike from serious damage during the drill.


A serious big swimbait for fishing Monster Pike and Muskie
Northern Pike and Muskie are a highly cannibalistic species and known for brutal attacks on their spouce and rivals. Esox was designed with just that in mind as a XXL swimbait for slow trolling and even casting. Because of the lipless design it has little resistance in the water while swimming and the natural head design of esox  will keep it at running depth due to water pressure. Get ready for 'Rod Crunching' Strikes fishing this bad boy.

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The new 2022 Esox V3 is handmade by order out of the best available materials and as strong and t..
Ex Tax: 165.00€
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The new 2022 Esox V3 is handmade by order out of the best available materials and as strong and t..
Ex Tax: 350.00€