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February 2023 - Release of the new Lucky Beaver

The Lucky Beaver is the newest collaboration project between me and my Dutch friend and tying artist Henk Graafsma of Art of Fishing.

This little baby beaver may look cute, but has some tricks up his sleeve and knows all too well how to to trick those mean old predators. It will slow sink heads down and when pulled give a slap of its tail.

The natural material this lure is made from (bucktail) and a soft silicone flapper tail will look & feel very natural to predatory fish.

7-06-2022 RELEASE OF THE NEW ESOX V3 model
Update - June 2022 - RELEASE OF THE NEW ESOX V3 model

ESOX V3 - Build upon a Classic

The ESOX swimbait is what started it all for us when we designed it back in 2010 as the first big pike trolling swimbait ever made available by order. Now over a decade later it has made its mark among many avid fisherman around the world and is widely known as a big Pike catcher which makes us way proud! So now, after a year of design & develoment we are super excited to finally introduce the new V3 version. The new version is a complete rebuild based upon the old model, keeping all the good stuff and adding some improvements that were long due. Improvements like: more action at low speeds (trolling speeds like 2.5 km/h), more durability for casting, faster action and easy replaceable soft silicone fins. Balanced as a slow sinker that will sink horizontally. All lures are handmade by order from our little workshop.

To celebrate this new model even more we went a bit beserk and also added a Special whopping 52 cm version - The Goliath. The Goliath weighs a 1000 grams and is destined to catch the Monster of the Lake. We cant wait! Goliath also has a Release Tube build in to enable the use of a release rig & save the pike from serious damage during the drill.

25-12-2021 Merry Christmas & Tight Lines in 2022!
We wish you a Merry Christmas & Tight Lines in 2022. Thank you all for your support & interest in last crazy year.

13-07-2021 Esox V2 - End of series reached
UPDATE JULY 2021 After making the Esox V2 for over 10 years we have reached the end of the series and it is time to retire this trusted model.
After the summer we will continue to work on a new version: The Esox V3 If you would like to be notified about any news regarding this new model please subscribe to our mailing list & follow us on social.

7-02-2021 Arowana Dragonfish V2 Release
Twelve years after the release of the first Arowana Dragon it is time for a remake in style. There is something magical about arowana's. The way they swim - gracious, almost arrogant. Ready for the strike. The Dragon fish. For the Chinese and those of related cultures, the dragon is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. In the eyes of the Chinese, the dragon fish has the appearance and majesty of the Chinese Dragon, especially the large scales and barbels. Arowanas are also used for feng shui to bring good luck. Said to snatch monkeys from trees in the jungles of the Amazon and tropical waters. So lets see how our local pike will react to this arrogant invading species. ;)

1-02-2021 New Co-Op projectlure launched
Proud to announce the release of a new co-op lure. The Lucky Rat Streamer is a collaboration project between me and my Dutch friend and tying artist Henk Graafsma of Art of Fishing. This articulated streamer has a solid resin weighted head, custom airbrushed and topcoated with epoxy is finished off with different layers of bucktail in colors that match the body. After the first part, there is a second body consists of seral layers of bucktail. At the back a replaceble softbait tail for deadly slow fishing. Two treble setup: One on the belly of the Rat head and one attaced to the softtail with a custom screw.

13-06-2020 Hail to The Silver King!
One of the most impressive and beautiful game fish on the planet is now entering the Northern waters to seduce the meanest and baddest pike of them all. This one is for the fishermen that want to catch the monster of the lake.

9-12-2019 Holiday Offer
Looking for a special Gift for upcoming Holiday Season? Look no further and check out these lures we currently have in stock. These can be sent out asap and we will will include a free Lucky Pike keyhanger (value of €30,-). All lures will be boxed in our new deluxe smoked pine gift cases and a assortment of die cut vinyl Lucky Lures stickers are of course included. Limited stock available!

5-09-2019 Lucky Piranha featured in scale mag
Pretty stoked about the feature of the new Lucky Piranha in the brand new SCALE mag. If you haven't yet - go check it out. Its a masterpiece.

No other fish is apt to strike terror in the hearts of those who enter the jungles of the Amazon like the razorteeth Piranha. Our Northern Pike however is not impressed and not happy at all about this cocky little carnivorous invading species! So, they hunt them down without mercy to show them who's king of the Northern waters. Meet the newest swimbait in our collection - The Lucky Piranha

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