This is the first version of the Lucky trout swimbait.
This lure has 3 joints.

It has a very realistic easy swimming action and the interior 'signal red' on the joints imitate a seriously wounded fish. The slow sinking action of this swimbait enables you to fish at any desired depth. It is even possible to fish this bait over shallow weedbeds. First day I went fishing with this lure I caught 7 pike on it.

• Cut from beechwood
• Handcarved details
• Sealed with Propionate
• Foiled and airbrushed
• Thick hi-gloss epoxy topcoat
• MicroFiber fin
• Realistic 3D molded eyes
• All stainless steel hardware
• Glass rattler included in tail section

9,5 inch / 24 cm
4,3 ounce / 120 grams
S-like action. Slow sinking, great for slow trolling for musky or pike