One might wonder 'What is so special about fishing with lures?'.
Not an easy question to answer and maybe too hard to explain, but every avid angler knows there is something magical about it.

For one it is a very active way of fishing and you will have to pay attention and stay alert to get results. Travelling light, anticipating and becoming one with your environment. Watching the water, the fish and the clouds above your head. Not thinking about your everyday worries. Only thing that matters is here and now; you, the lure and the hungry predator lurking below. Fishing in its purest form.

It’s about choosing a spot, and picking your favorite lure, making a precision cast in exactly the right spot and watching the lifeless lure come to life and react to your every move and twitch.
Finding the right rhythm, every sense sharpened not to miss that strike.
You become the hunter and the hunted at the same time.
When using the right gear you will be able to feel and visualize every movement of the lure beneath the surface. Every twitch and turn, joints clacking and most important; the desired strike!
Most fisherman will get that special twinkle in their eyes when they talk about 'the strike' as this is what it is all about. Predatory fish may strike in many different ways but what they all have in common is that they will get the adrenaline pumping for sure.

It has been many years now since I first got struck by the pure beauty and simplicity of fishing with lures and my background in Design and a big interest in Art made me want to start building my own lures at some point. At first just out of curiosity, using some leftover piece of beechwood and a pocket knife I impatiently carved my first jerk bait and painted it boldly in red and white using a rattle can. I really did not expect much of it but the first trip I tied it on it brought seven pikes in my boat in less than half an hour. That day I got hooked myself and still I feel the same excitement with every lure I finish and test out on the lake.

The lures I make are about the harmony of high performance and the art of craftsmanship. Not mass produced in some factory but made by hand from start to finish in my small workshop located in Rotterdam - The Netherlands using only the best available materials and high attention to detailing and finish.

So I hope you will enjoy my lures just as much as I do designing and making them and that they may bring you a bit of the magic.

JP Vermeijden - Lucky Lures
Rotterdam - The Netherlands

making of esox musky pike swimbait