HardBass HellFire

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HardBass HellFire

The HardBass is a jointed swimbait with an incredible lifelike swimming action. The hardbass was designed as a straight retrieve bait, but can also be twitched and will perform a 180 degree turn on a quick flick. No costs are spared building this bait; top quality urethane, all stainless steel hardware, handpainted airbrushed colors and a scratch and multilayer epoxy topcoat. The bait has a comfortable weight and dense woodlike feel to it wich makes casting easy. The design without a bill ensures low resistance while swimming and enables you to feel every movement of the bait, let alone the agressive bites by toothy predators! The joint will produce a distinct clacking sound while swimming. Get ready to give those predators a wake-up call!

15 cm. 6"
70 grams 2.5 Oz
tight swimming action  
0.5 - 1 meter  



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