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DESIGN PATENT NO. 006630232-0002

No other fish is apt to strike terror in the hearts of those who enter the jungles of the Amazon like the razorteeth Piranha. Our Northern Pike however is not impressed and not happy at all about this cocky little carnivorous invading species! So, they hunt them down without mercy to show them who's king of the Northern waters.

The Piranha is our newest lure and it is simply a lot of fun to fish. Measuring 15 cm and weighing 135 grams is is still very castable and can also be jerked & trolled quite effectively.
The lipless design with a high profile combined with a fat body moves a lot of water. The joints make a nice clacking sound while swimming and the glitter finish gives a lot of bling in direct sunlight.

The Piranha can be fished almost subsurface to around a meter depth. Of course adding weights to your leader can make it run a lot deeper too.
The body is double lackered with epoxy making it pretty resistant to spiky teeth and the easy replaceable tailfin is made out of soft silicone (super stretchy & rip and tear resistant).
Spare tailfin included and spare fins in multiple colors for customizating coming up.

The Piranha will be boxed in our new deluxe smoked pine cases and a die cut vinyl Piranha sticker is of course included.

The Lucky Piranha is made out of the best available materials and as strong and tough as possible.
The body of this bait is made out of solid resin wich is pressure-casted at 60 psi, to ensure a bubble free and strong body, airbrushed with pearlized colors, installed with ss hardware and given multiple coats of hi-gloss epoxy. 


Length 15 cm 5.9"
Weight 135 Gram  4.8 Oz
Action Slow sinking  
Running Depth 0.2- 1 meter  

• All individually handmade - Made in Holland.
• Solid resin body - Pressure casted
• SS Through wire design
• Airbrushed with pearlized paints
• Gold glitter finish
• Thick hi-gloss multi-layer epoxy topcoat
• Super soft & stretchy silicone tailfin. Tear & Rip resistant. Easy replaceable.
• Spare tailfin included.
• Handpainted glass eyes
• All stainless steel hardware
• Fitted with SS Xtra Heavy splitrings
• Signed and numbered
• Tested

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