Sigurd Bentvelsen
Born 22-02-1983
Location: Delft - The Netherlands

'Siek' has been my fishing buddy for many years now and besides great company he is a great help in thinking out and testing new ideas and models. Throwing jerkbaits and trolling with cranks are his favorite game to hunt the big pikes but he won't mind to tie on a swimbait now and then.

Personal Record: 122 cm Northern Pike
Oscar Wissink
Born: 14-11-1971
Location: Elst - The Netherlands

Pike fishing enthusiast and big fan and promoter of the art of homebuild lures.
Owner of lureparts a specialized shop selling lurebuilding components. Oscar has been a great motivator and partner in attending sportfishing fairs over the last years.

Personal Record: 124cm Northern Pike
Frans van der Putte
Born 27-04-1986
Location: Elst - The Netherlands

Frans has a great passion for fishing for predatory fish in all kind of ways an knows how to catch them. His favorite game is fishing BIG Northern Pike using jerkbaits and trolling with swimbaits.
Frans has been a great contributor from the very beginning. Fishinggrounds are the big rivers on the east of Holland and his yearly trips to Sweden are always something to look forward to.
Writer for Dutch pikefishing blog metersnoeken.nl.

Personal Record: 131 cm Northern Pike

twitter: @metersnoekie

Sean Wit
Born: 28-05-1984
Location: Almere - The Netherlands

Avid angler and knows how to catch the big ones. Fishing for pike with jerkbaits in springtime and fall and trolling big swimbaits year round. In wintertime fishing with dead baitfish are his favorite game.
Writer for Dutch pikefishing blog metersnoeken.nl.

Personal Record: Northern Pike 123 cm

Twitter: @seanw1t

Ruud van der Velden
Born: 17-01-1972
Location: Westervoort - The Netherlands
Ruud has been angling for big pike specific since 2003 and prefers to fish the big lakes using big lures. Avid angler that knows how to find the big ones.

Personal Record:
Length: Northern Pike 125 cm / 17 kg.
Weight: Northern Pike 124 cm / 21 kg.
David Flores
Born: 22-07-1978
Location: Madrid - Spain
David Flores fishs since he was a little child for all kind of species. Since a year and a half he changed to be a carpfishing staff to fishing depredators with swimbait. He uses them the whole year and he has the purpose to capture the biggest fishes with these lures. In the next link you can see his experiences with swimbaits


Personal record
Northern Pike: 9,700 kg
Largemouth Bass: 2,670 kg

Carp: 18,000 kg
Comizo Barbel: 11,700 kg
Catfish: 80,000 kg
making of esox musky pike swimbait