Esox V2 is the latest Musky / pike swimbait I designed, and the first Musky- Pike-swimbait available for order.
I have been working on this swimbait over a period of almost a year. The original esox was handcarved from a piece of beechwood, and soon became my favorite lure. The deisgn transformed over time, and in total about 10 prototypes were made trying out different designs, joints, overall proportions, different action and Resin types until I was finally ''happy"' with the complete package. I wanted to design a swimbait that looks good, but above all has great action, slow sinking for maximum control over depth to fish and offering little resistance in the water for maximum fun (no lip).
Esox is made out of the best available materials and as strong and tough as possible.
The body of this bait is made out of solid resin wich is pressure-casted at 60 psi, to ensure a bubble free and strong body, airbrushed with pearlized colors, installed with ss hardware, given multiple coats of hi-gloss epoxy and finally fitted with microfiber fins.
Esox is methodicaly made by hand, one by one, and can be fitted to suit your needs; custom colors, signing; just ask. For more info about the Making of Esox, click the banner below:

making of esox

Optional is a lurestand designed specifically for Esox made out of Meranti wood, laquered and fitted with hard semi transparent molded fins as holders. This way Esox can be stored safely or put on display for you to look at and dream about your next fishingtrip.

• All individually handmade - Made in Holland.
• Solid resin body - Pressure casted
• Airbrushed with pearlized paints
• Thick hi-gloss multi-layer epoxy topcoat
• Soft and flexible MicroFiber fins
• Taxidermy grade Realistic glass handpainted eyes
• All stainless steel hardware

• Signed and numbered
• Tested

35 cm
270 grams
S-like action. Slow sinking,.